The sports business is facing the greatest change in its history

In light of the current challenges, the sports business is in the midst of what is probably the most significant transformation in its history:

The globalization of competition and the media distribution of sports, the need for digital transformation in response to the changing media usage behavior of viewers and fans, the demand to develop genuine partnerships instead of pure sponsorships, the ever-growing need for branding and creativity in sports sponsoring given the competition for consumer attention, and not least the market entry of new "sports" in esports. New media platforms and new technical advertising opportunities like virtual and augmented reality in modern Smart Stadiums and arenas are fundamentally changing the rules of the game for all stakeholders and paving the way for new competitors.


Our strategic consulting supports rights holders and sports organizations, their agencies and service providers, media and advertising companies, and also public authorities and investors in adapting to these new times, finding individually suitable strategic answers, and putting them into practice efficiently.

Rights Holder

Rights holders have to manage significant change processes strategically

Rights holders are facing significant change processes in response to changes in consumer behavior, the need for digital transformation, new technologies, the emergence of new competitors, and growing demands on brand management.

We advise rights holders and organizations from all areas of the sports industry – clubs, leagues and associations of all the "classic sports" as well as stadium and arena operators, individual athletes, publishers, event organizers, and even clans in esports – to actively shape these change processes and achieve long-term competitive advantages.

In addition to many years of operational experience in sports sponsoring, arena management, sales consulting, esports, and other related areas, we also have significant strategic expertise in innovation management and business development. Such expertise is increasingly relevant for the industry in light of its fundamental challenges but is often overlooked in daily business.

We advise clients not only on the classic issues of organization, marketing concepts, product development and cost optimization, but also support them in developing new business fields or with strategic future alignment – for example, in make-or-buy marketing decisions, when making a move into esports, when planning a Smart Stadium, or in the systematic development and expansion of one’s own brand within strategic target markets.


Sports sponsoring opportunities for brands are not systematically exploited

For industry outsiders, it is an opaque market with confusing structures, low standards in pricing and performance measurement, little individuality and creativity in product design, and often lacking the usual professionalism in business.

At the same time, it offers highly interesting target groups, considerable reach on a wide variety of platforms and, above all, emotional content with great opportunities for design. This is how today's sponsoring market looks for advertisers.

And with our industry expertise, technical competence, and strategic excellence, that means advertisers can benefit significantly from the current market situation by systematically leveraging the undeniable strengths of sponsorship and overcoming existing market deficits.

We advise advertising companies holistically on sports sponsoring right from the start: on setting strategic objectives and (further) developing their sponsoring strategy, the cost-efficient acquisition of rights, and the excellent operative implementation and individual integration into their own communications mix.

We are 100% independent of the interests of third parties and act individually in the interests of our clients.

Agencies | Service Providers

Holistic consulting for all partners in the sports business

We advise service providers at all levels of the value chain in the sports business, from providers of specialist services in the sponsoring market such as research companies or content producers to providers of stadium-related services such as caterers and technology experts.

Of course, we also offer our holistic consulting approaches to the entire sports business agency landscape – from creative and sales agencies to traditional sponsoring agencies to full-service agencies all the way to the sports and entertainment sectors of classic strategic and financial advisors.

For new entrants – especially from the service and technology sectors – we have an excellent network in the industry that provides direct market access. 

Our focus is on corporate and business division strategies, tailor-made organization and product design, as well as cost reduction and efficient target customer management. We always take the specific impact of new industry trends - currently e.g. esports and virtual advertising - into account.

Media | Platforms

In times of fundamental change, sport is a driver for the media business

The media business is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Rapid, sweeping changes such as the progressive convergence of the media, consumers' changing media habits, and the emergence of new platforms and competitors employing new business models will inevitably lead to the disruption of the entire industry.
But what still matters – or matters even more than ever – to media companies and media agencies is the tremendous importance of sport as content.
That makes it all the more crucial to precisely analyze the sports industry and its key players, understand their strategic goals, and come to the right conclusions.
With our expertise, we help media companies tackle existential, short-term challenges without losing sight of their strategic orientation.Matters of rights acquisition and contract drafting are just as much part of our service portfolio as the strategic development of B2B and B2C business models.

Public Authorities

City marketing & positioning through sports and events

Sport plays a central role in society. It brings cultures and generations together. Hosting events is not just a unique emotional experience for fans and visitors; it can also produce lasting economic effects. In this context, cities and regions increasingly have to see themselves as brands and recognize the value of sport in terms of the commercial, touristic, and communicative effects, especially in the age of increasing global competition.

The right event strategy is the basis for sustainable success

We support public authorities in the strategic planning, acquisition, implementation, and commercialization of sporting events. Drawing on our wide-ranging experience, we assist in the planning of sports infrastructure and develop sustainable use concepts. In this way, sports events can serve as a springboard for long-term structural changes.


Sport is increasingly looking for investors, and
investors are looking toward sports.
But what's missing is often the right investment strategy


The sports business offers highly attractive assets for investors

Whether it’s investments in football clubs (especially considering possible changes to the 50+1 rule in the Bundesliga), investments in esports clans, acquiring agencies, or securing venture capital for start-ups and technology providers in the sports and entertainment business, the investment opportunities are both varied and complex.

We support prospective investors in identifying valuable assets while taking future developments in the sports business into account. We help make relevant contacts, prepare comprehensive market data, and assist in strategic assessments.

For sellers, we work with our network partners to identify potential investors and support them in preparing the right market-oriented information and strategic orientation. 


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